Catering Equipment

image_Catering EquipmentCatering to a large group can feel like a daunting task. With the right catering equipment, it is guaranteed to go smoothly.

We provide catering equipment to accommodate the requirements of any party. We have chafing dishes, serveware, specialty screens, coffee and punch service, snacks and hot dog machines plus much more. All things are cleaned, tested and covered properly before shipping to make sure they reach you in perfect condition.

Our catering equipment could be set up into existing edifices and marquees. Moreover, we are able to provide our temporary kitchen equipment which may be used to have large scale short-term catering services.

Whether we have been hired to cater events, accommodate kitchen refurbishments, supplement during emergencies or on a long term basis, all of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned, tested, inspected before sending to your place.

In the event that you’re looking for a longer term hire of catering equipment or a whole maintained kitchen property, our contract rental service is a great option. We provide catering services of your choice from our extensive portfolio. Our equipment comes with comprehensive support, care and components, all included in one monthly payment.

The equipment available for rent are:

  • Grills and Chafing dishes
  • Hot dog machines/Display items
  • Heat lamps/Popcorn machines
  • Candy Machines/Coffee service

 Contact us today at (561) 123-1234 and an event planning specialist will walk you through the catalog of catering equipment rentals and help you select the items and services you will need.